Cauldron is run by two exciting and dynamic individuals:

Jo Evershed loves brains. She is fascinated by the psychology of education, learning and joy, and wants to build her unique vision of how we can enrich ourselves through deep and meaningful interactions that delight us. She holds a BSc in Economics and Business from Oxford Brookes and has just finished her second degree, a BSc in Psychology at UCL, after a ten year career in the city working for the likes of Shell and Telereal Trillium.

Jo is in charge of the financial and scientific aspects of Cauldron. Her background in the City combined with her scientific research allows us to apply recent advances in psychology to real-world settings, and equally ensure that our projects stay feasible and funded while remaining scientifically valid.

Jo's email address is: jo.evershed@cauldron-inc.com

Nick Hodges loves making things. He is fascinated by the psychology of play, and like Jo wants to create new and wonderful ways of bringing rich interactivity to otherwise passive activities. He has spent five years in the mobile games industry on some of its biggest and most prestigious franchises, such as Call of Duty, Lara Croft, Biohazard and Metal Gear Solid. He holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Bristol, and after graduating spent two years teaching English in Japan.

Nick is in charge of the technical and educational aspects of Cauldron. His background in mobile and tablet games gives us a thorough grounding in developing rich, interactive experiences, and means we have a unique approach to experiential learning. One of the key aspects of Nick's technical experience is in developing games for simultaneous release across multiple platforms. This cross-platform approach ensures that we rise above device and operating system differences, and reach as wide a market as possible.

Nick's email address is: nick.hodges@cauldron-inc.com